Call for Your Wisdom & Input!

As we approach the final 10 days of Ramadan, we find it increasingly important to attain all that Allah (swt) has to offer this month. We strive to do great deeds and endure greater patience(sabre) in hopes for Allah's (swt) mercy and rewards. Although the Quran is indeed a guidance for the whole of humanity, Allah informs us that it is the people of taqwa (those mindful of God) who truly benefit from its guidance. What a great opportunity we have to use this platform to share reminders and your insight to all our members. The rewards from Allah(set) from all who take your words of wisdom and motivation will carry on until the day of judgement. For those who will benefit and for us to even discuss further, what's your input of what we should be most mindful of for the remainder of this Ramadan? Sign up as a member to respond and be part of growing effort to access all services & resources, it's quick, free and easy!


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