REVIEW OF Sirat al-Mustaqim Khakan Ramzan

REVIEW OF Sirat al-Mustaqim The initiative to establish the site Sirat al-Mustaqim and the various service opportunities that it encompasses is indeed a commendable one. May Almighty Allah (SWT) shower His choicest blessings on those who are responsible for this enterprise. During this Holy Month of Ramadan the presentations and discussions prior to the breaking of the fast, is not only inspirational and educational, but serves to strengthen one’s faith and commitment to Allah’s will,  as one proceeds to thank Him and glorify Him. With eager anticipation of the daily talks by those who have demonstrated their vast knowledge on the chosen subject matter, it is always rewarded with an increase of knowledge and insight  of our Deen. The unique style coupled with a live presentation, serves to underscore the variation of our interpretation which formed a concrete belief in our lives, and provides us a front row seat to classes within our homes. The elaboration and in depth analysis that the presentations formulate, creates a new dimension of one's long held beliefs on a variety of subjects covered in our Glorious and Holy Quran. The constant inculcating of the concept of only the fear of Almighty Allah (SWT) was dispelled in the many talks, with the desire to seek His love and attain a higher level of communication with our Creator, and our need to now seek His love for us. It is with a fervent hope and prayer that with the guidance and will of Almighty Allah (SWT) that this endeavor will continue to grow and will encompass the wishes of those who seek an indept knowledge of our glorious religion Al Islam, and will form a new commitment that will redound beneficially in our lives.


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